Oh Yay, A New Blog

I’ve been saving Janie Doh for when I really needed her. We can get that out of the way right now, my name isn’t really Janie Doh. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous? I am sure that there are some real Jane Doh’s out there, or even possibly some actual Jane Does. But me? I’m just a girl who doesn’t want to share her real name, I’m just a girl who wants a place to write freely and honestly and not worry that my mom or my friends are looking into my little life and worrying about me because of all the crazy you might begin to see here pretty soon.

Yeah, yeah, another anonymous blogger. How original. But you know, I think some of my favorite bloggers are ones who write under fake names that they made up for the same reason I did – because they want to be able to be honest on the internet and not hide any of the things they want to say.

Today though, I don’t have anything too profound. Really, I live a very boring life and maybe that is one reason why I don’t want to write on my real blog anymore – because it’s so boring, and it’s really hard to act like it’s not when people I know are reading.

Don’t you hate that about blogging? The last thing I want is for someone I know “in real life” to come up to me and ask me about something I’ve said on my blog. It’s the absolute pits. It’s like people think I am trying to have this fake self online, when really all I want to do is be authentic and true and just feel like I can’t.

So, a new blog. I do this all the time, I swear, but hopefully this time will be more fun.


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