Reverb13 – A Challenge for December

I participated in the Reverb blog challenge years ago, when it was ran by someone else. I just found it again today ( a little late, but I am still awake on what was the first just a few minutes ago, so this totally counts, it totally does!) and I am going to try to participate all month long. Hopefully the posts will help you fine readers get to know me a little better.

Here’s the gist of the challenge if you are interested:
Reverb is a reflective writing challenge held in December every year. It provides a sacred space for participants to celebrate the successes and honour the challenges of the year that’s passing, as well as plant the seeds for a rich and rewarding new year.

Reverb was started by Gwen Bell in 2009 as a writing challenge for bloggers to consider the reverberations they sent out into the universe. Gwen passed the challenge on to individuals to host in 2011 and a number of bloggers around the world have since taken up the baton. This makes for a pretty exciting and festive time, and it’s not unusual for bloggers to participate in multiple Reverbs at once!

I am going to follow the prompts and join the linkup over at Kat McNally’s blog – and the prompt for the first day of December is:

How do you feel, on this first day, in your mind? In your body? In your heart? In your soul?

I feel quiet. I feel dampened down. That’s how I actually described the way I feel to my friend Jill today – I feel like someone turned the volume down on my entire life.

I’m on medication for depression and anxiety and I think the meds, which were altered a bit recently, are messing with  me. I feel not myself – scared to be in crowds, less likely to pick up the phone or leave the house – less likely to seek out a good time when one might be had.

Really, I feel the way I do every December first: filled with dread about the winter to come. Worried about bills (specifically the gas heating bill), worried about Christmas and the gifts I can’t afford to get anyone, worried that the cold will bring me too far down, and knock me out.

What I feel is not so great lately, in mind, body, and soul.

What I am, though, is looking forward to the new year ahead, looking forward to changes that may come in my life, looking forward to doing something this year that I’ve never done before – something that will be amazing and life changing.

I suppose no matter how I feel now, as long as I am looking forward and looking up, things will be alright.

How are YOU feeling today?


3 thoughts on “Reverb13 – A Challenge for December

  1. Kat McNally says:

    I can so relate to what you write here, Janie. Dampened is not a nice place to be. It seems to me that your heart knows that good things are coming… and that you can trust this.
    So excited you’re joining us for #reverb13! x

  2. Rose says:

    Ack Janie DOH!! I am so glad I found your lovely blog…thanks for visiting me and giving great advice! I am intrigued by this Reverb thing and am thinking I might need to participate, but wanted also to validate your feeling of being “dampened down” and like someone has turned down the volume on your whole life. Girl, I have been there…oh so many times. Depression and anxiety are tricky little devils and they seem to really enjoy getting nasty around the winter months. All I can say is be good to yourself and the volume will come back on. I can’t say when, or why, or how, but it will. And really, Janie, lovely lovely blog. I can’t wait to read more. 😀

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