Seize All The Days

I missed posting yesterday for Reverb because I was out having fun all day. It started with having breakfast and watching The Walking Dead’s most recent episode with my friend Jill,

(And to any of those who watch The Walking Dead I must say: OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!  Right?)

Then, after therapy we had a steak dinner and then went bowling with her boyfriend and the guy I’ve been crushing on for months. I got a little drunk and then came home and passed out in front of an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

So, we have two prompts to address today for Reverb:

What does your heart have to tell you, and

What have you lost, what are you grieving?

My heart is telling me to seize the fucking days, man. Squeeze all the fun and enjoyment out of them that you can. Say no more often to things you don’t want to do and say yes more often to what sounds like the fun thing to do. Life is too damn short to be bored, tired, or indifferent to what is out there being offered.

What am I grieving? Nothing. Sure, I’ve lost a lot over the last year. I’ve lost a ton of friends, I’ve lost a job that I had for six years, I’ve lost the respect of a few people that I used to really care about – but I don’t grieve any of that, because I am moving forward in my life every day, and I don’t have any time for looking back.

Is your heart telling you to hold on or let go? Are you grieving something lost?


4 thoughts on “Seize All The Days

  1. Janie-
    these prompts are emotionally charged. I think this is a brave challenge.

    My heart is telling me to go somewhere it makes no sense to go. somewhere far away, to someone improbable.

    I’m grieving the loss of my marriage. Not my husband – but of the family unit. It was a nice, white picket image. Until it wasn’t.

    • Yeah, these prompts are tough. They really make you dig deep into the year behind you.

      I’m sorry about your marriage – I haven’t been married so I can’t imagine what that is like to go through, whether it was a blessing in disguise or not. But I say – follow your heart, even if it leads you to strange, scary places – follow your heart.

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