The Janie Doh Daily

Can you believe that for a hot second I was calling this space “Janie Doh’s Blog of Awesome”? That’s just a little bit sad.

Thank Christ for WordPress and today’s Zero to Hero assignment, which is to title your blog and add a little welcome message to the sidebar.

I thought that would be easy – I thought it was already done! But no, I had to change the blog name from Janie Doh’s Blog of Awesome! to something a little more… awesome.

So, The Janie Doh Daily. I plan to blog daily, so perhaps if my blog is titled as such it might even help me finish this year long project that I’ve always wanted to do.


There’s not much to report today. I went back to work for the first time in a week since I was so sick last week I didn’t go in at all. I was greeted with a paycheck for $13.56 cents and an empty restaurant – the place was dead tonight and I only made $25 after paying my babysitter.

Oh, winter sucks. A foot of snow was dumped on us last night. A foot! Of snow! But luckily a nice neighbor boy came a knockin’ and offered to shovel out my car for me.

Now THAT is something to be grateful for.


One thought on “The Janie Doh Daily

  1. good mornin’,janie girl! you’re going to blog daily? WOW! I am impressed!!!
    I have to check out the zero to hero assignment; I’m sprucing up the place (my blog) and that sidebar thing you got going is mighty fine!
    love those below minimum wage checks we get waitressing. big love, samara.

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