What’s On My Mind

WordPress asked me today “What’s on your mind?” and encouraged me to write about what I was thinking when I started this blog. Well, I’ve already done that here, here, and here, all in the last three months, so I am just going to let you go ahead and click on those links if you care to know about that.

What’s really on my mind today? The horrible fact that I haven’t really written anything since finishing my NaNoWriMo novel this November.

Yeah. I’m a writer who hasn’t been writing, and I wish someone would kick me into shape and tell me to JUST WRITE!! But I don’t have anyone around to do that for me. I think I need a life coach sometimes, or at least just a writing coach or writing buddy – someone to hold me accountable for a word count and make sure I am still producing fiction even if there isn’t really anything BIG that I am working on at the time.

I created Janie Doh to be a place to spill my guts – whatever is on my mind. I haven’t been doing that though, because if I really did that every day, you would be reading post consisting of:

I’m not writing. I’m not writing. I’m not writing.

And it would be horrible and no one would come back.

But alas, that is the truth of it. I am determined not only to WRITE another novel this year, but to publish one too. That is a big feat, getting something written and published in a year. Four days in and I’m already freaking out that I won’t finish this project on time – freaking out – and I am not even working on anything yet.

The thing is, I just don’t know what I want to write about. I have had a big vampire epic in my head for years, but I am not sure where to begin. It’s a pain in my ass.

In the meantime, I might start posting some fiction here and doing some online writing challenges like I did on my old blog. Hopefully I won’t scare anyone away by turning into a niche writing blogger, but what happens will happen, I suppose.


2 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind

  1. I beat myself up when I am not writing too. Maybe I should write a post about that. HA you have inspired me. Also. When I was younger I promised myself I would write a) a werewolf novel and b) a vampire novel. I started both last year.

    • That’s awesome! I think beating myself up helped because I am writing today. Not working on a book, but doing some writing challenges and flexing the brains. Thanks for commenting!

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