Back to Reality… And My Couch

Now that my little Squido is back in school, it’s back to my daily reality.

I get up at 7:30 in the morning to get her ready for school and then I drive her there. I don’t let my little girl ride the bus yet, and I don’t know whether I ever will. I just don’t think school buses are a good environment for children. They are virtually unsupervised, I don’t think they are safe (no seatbelts!!), and most of all, I remember the horrors of riding the bus when I was a kid and I don’t want my daughter to have to go through the teasing and torture that I did when no kind adult was watching.

karlstad-sofa-cover__0142166_PE302116_S4Anyway, after I drop her off at school I usually pick up a coffee and head home. By this time it’s only around 8:45 or 9am, and I have the whole day ahead of me before I have to go in at work around three, if I do work that day.

What do I do all morning? I drink my coffee, sit on my couch, and I write. Usually. If I’m not writing, I’m blogging, reading blogs, reading a book, or THINKING about writing.

My couch is definitely my creative command center. I do my best thinking here, my best writing here, and have finished almost all of my books here.

Today, the first day in almost two weeks that I’ve been back to my morning routine after the holidays, I have already written two blog posts and I’m planning two more – plus I am working on two short fiction pieces to share here as part of writing challenge link ups.

This couch is AWESOME.


12 thoughts on “Back to Reality… And My Couch

  1. Janie, m’dear…I do so love your new name and tagline. Zero to Hero is pretty cool, isn’t it? Couches. I love couches. Even more I like big overstuffed chairs. I do all my writing at my desk in a very comfy chair in my very favorite room in the whole house. Different strokes for different folks, ya know? What matters is that you are really putting yourself out there. Best always, Rose

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