This is Not a Book Review on Hyperbole and a Half

17571564  Let’s just get one thing straight from the beginning: I don’t write book reviews. I don’t know why, but I’ve always sucked at summarizing things and then adequately listing my thoughts about them. So I am not going to try to trick you into believing this is a real book review.

I read a lot – almost as much as I write. I made a goal last year to read 52 books and unfortunately only made it to 37, so I opened up a new Goodreads account for Janie Doh and I am taking on that challenge again, to read one book a week for a year.

Hyperbole and a Half is the first book I finished in 2014. It was given to me as a gift, though I may have purchased it because I am a huge fan of the blogger who wrote it, Allie Brosh.

The book was funny – some parts were recycled from her blog, which I loved, and some were new pieces that I haven’t read before. All of them were funny, but I do wish there was a little less in there about her dog. There, that’s my review. It was funny, I liked it, but I wish there were less dog in it.

I gave this book 4/5 stars on Goodreads, because it really was funny, the art is engaging, and the stories are so achingly true – especially the ones about depression, which I appreciated most.

If you think you might be interested in this book, I highly suggest you check out Allie’s blog before buying it: Hyperbole and a Half is where it’s at.

Now, I am reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and The Twelve by Justin Cronin. It’s a tossup, which will I finish first, or will it be neither of those? I often read multiple books at the same time, whatever strikes my fancy at a particular moment, so I only document books when I finish them.

Are any of you also ADD readers, skipping from one book to another until you finish one?


6 thoughts on “This is Not a Book Review on Hyperbole and a Half

  1. Jolie Michele says:

    Yes, I am an ADD reader. I have a nook and have downloaded an abundance of free samples and bought maybe 3-4 books in the last month that are still unfinished. Le sigh.

  2. A) Hi! I’m Jennie. Samara sent me.

    B) I agree that H&aH is better in its online format, but I have the book too. I will throw money at Allie Brosh pretty much any way I can.

    C) I am also an ADD reader. I have six books going right now. That’s just obscene!

    D) No, I don’t always comment in multiple choice form. In fact, all of these statements are true.

    I look forward to getting to know you!

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