Parenting Sucks Sometimes

The kiddo, my Squido, and I had an exceptionally bad day today.

It started to me waking up to a complete nightmare of a mess in the living room On the weekends I sleep in for an hour or two and let Squido watch TV or do whatever she wants, and usually she behaves! Today it was just chaos, toys and books everywhere, so the day started with a lecture about taking care of our own messes and things, and Squido had a really bad attitude about it.

Then, a little while later I noticed that the plug for my iPhone was missing from its usual outlet. Squido has been using my iPhone plug as a USB adapter for her Kindle, and without it she can’t charge her Kindle. I suppose I could charge it on my laptop like I do my phone every day, but there was a lesson there: take care of your shit.

She “lost” the plug. So I told her to look for it. Sounds simple, right? Try getting an eight year old to focus on looking for a little plastic square. She looked under like three things and pronounced it gone forever. So that turned into another lesson about taking care of our things, and I explained to Squido that since she lost the plug, she wouldn’t be able to charge or use her Kindle for a while, because I am definitely not going to rush out and buy another USB plug when there is a lesson to be learned here.

Well, Squido threw a fit. Totally freaked out and told me that I HAD to get her another plug because she HAS to use her Kindle, and I’m like “Bitch, please.”

I just don’t handle the epic bad attitude fits anymore. Thankfully they happen very few and far between these days, which I appreciate, but it makes these days seem harder somehow, too. I get panicky when Squido gets this way – she can be very argumentative and combative, and she gets into dark moods that it’s hard to pull her out of until she’s ready to come back on her own. Very frustrating.

So, I decide to step away from the situation and take a shower. I’m in the shower for about two minutes when I hear a crash and breaking glass.

“What the hell was that?” I screamed.

“I broke my lamp,” Squido wailed, sobbing, probably knowing she was in trouble.

I didn’t say anything. I did some deep breathing and took a long shower, thinking that the lamp she broke was the little glass mermaid night light that’s plugged into the corner of Squido’s room.

I was wrong.

It was her glass ceiling lamp, which she had broken because apparently she was throwing a ball around her bedroom. And obviously we have a no ball throwing in the house rule. I mean, come on.

Ugh. I don’t even want to go on anymore. It’s been a thoroughly shit day and I just am so glad that it’s past bedtime and I have some peace and quiet to myself and the wonderful opportunity to come to my blog and complain about how parenting really sucks sometimes, and kids can be really lame.

Don’t you agree?


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