A Better Day

I had a better day today, when I finally rolled out of bed at one in the afternoon. That’s one of those things with me and depression – sometimes when I have nothing else to do I just sleep. I don’t TRY to be active or productive and do anything, I just stay in bed all day. This is probably not good for my overall health and sleep cycle, because I’m always up until midnight or one in the morning no matter what, and I know that I’m not probably getting enough sleep on a normal basis because of that.

But, I’m a night owl and I always have been and probably always will be. You have to drag my ass out of bed in the morning if god forbid I have to wake up before the sun rises, and there have been times when I’ve gotten up early and actually felt sick to my stomach and disoriented because of it. Like all of high school, for example.

Squido’s parent-teacher conference was today. That’s usually something I dread – meetings with teachers and her support staff. Squido has Pervasive Developmental Disorder and ADD. She used to have terrible behavioral problems and actually repeated kindergarten because she just hadn’t figured out how to get along with the other kids and behave in a classroom yet. It was terrible.

Now though, she is doing well in school, with her lowest grade an 83%, which I’m proud of, because I know she works a lot harder than all the other kids for her grades.

The theme of the meeting was: she doesn’t pay attention and she is very slow-going with her work. Well, duh, we do homework with her, we know this. It’s like pulling teeth to get homework done sometimes, and I honestly dread the chore of doing homework with her. I don’t know how homeschooling parents do it.

After the meeting I went to Jill’s and we had a Hell’s Kitchen marathon and then her boyfriend cooked a delicious dinner. I bought a pie for dessert but no one wanted it before I left so I took it home and now I fear I am going to eat the whole thing by myself. It’s apple crumb – my favorite – and it’s so delicious.

Therefore, I am going to watch more Supernatural, and probably eat another little piece of pie. Nom nom.


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