Is it Bedtime?

I keep nodding off on the couch, so what do I do? No, I don’t go to bed, I prop my eyes open and pick up my laptop so I can blog!

Yes, something seems wrong with that.

So, it’s been thirty-one days of straight blogging. Yay for me! I wish I had participated in NaBloPoMo so I could have had comrades on this daily post journey, but I came too late for that party.

It turns out, blogging every day is hard for me. It’s hard to come up with good, engaging posts each day, especially in the last week or so. Either life gets in the way, life is so boring there’s nothing to report, or I just don’t feel like it. Those are my main excuses for having a hard time. But, hard time, cop outs or not, I still blogged every day this month. I still got er done.

I think that I would benefit from having a set blog schedule, writing good posts ahead of time, and doing more challenges.

Also, I need to take better care of myself and get more sleep. I’m never very good at the sleeping like a normal person thing.

And now, with great dread and resentment… we face February.


3 thoughts on “Is it Bedtime?

  1. First: ROCK ON. Writing every day is bloody hard and Grats for doing it.

    That being said, there are going to be lulls that feel like death and there will be spots of brilliance. Consistency is key. A lot of what you write might end up in a “take it or leave it” area but on occasion something will come out of you that couldn’t have if you weren’t working all the right muscles consistently. And what’s more: you’ll begin to look for inspiration in your daily life because you need to mine something *somewhere*. Let it change the way you see things. See them in your voice, as you find it.

    Best wishes to you on this journey. You’re doing great. If you ever need inspiration, read anything I wrote in 2011. 90% was crap. πŸ˜‰

  2. Janie girl-
    are you familiar with James Altucher? He is an author, and well known blogger. He’s funny and easy to read. He has some great ideas about how to take care of yourself – he calls it the Daily Practice – I try and follow it, but I don’t always:

    You can also a different blog sent to your email. He often writes about how he’s able to blog so consistently. I can send you the link, if you’d like to subscribe to his emails.

    rock on, janie girl!

  3. Oh, Janie DOH! I admire you for doing postaday. I did NaBloPoMo and LOVED it and felt like I really rocked it. It was a great way of getting back into blogging. I even posted for then next fourteen or so days straight, then kind of lost my groove with some personal life BS hitting the fan. I really do wish you the best of luck with it. It is very rewarding. And it’s funny, because some of the stuff I put out was really good, but didn’t get much response, and then some stuff I put out I thought was crap, everyone loved. The blogosphere is just like that. Weird. No matter what happens though, I’ll keep reading your posts, as long as they keep getting delivered to my Gmail. πŸ˜€

    One of your biggest fans!

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