Got Whooped.

momcanyoucomegetmeYay! Seahawks won the Superbowl!

I’m not really a huge fan of Seattle, but I really don’t like Denver OR the Mannings. I just can’t believe what a complete, total ass whooping it was of a game.

Oh well.

It’s also Groundhog Day, and I am not sure what the outcome is of that event because I didn’t watch any news or go on Facebook or read blogs today. I was very disconnected, over at my parent’s house having dinner and watching the game, and the six hours of pre-game shows that my dad insisted on watching.

groundhogdayBut, it’s supposed to freaking snow again tomorrow, 3-5 inches in the morning, so I am not sure whether Squido will have school. I hate going to bed knowing that there’s a possibility of getting ripped from my sleep by the robo-call from the Superintendent informing us of delays or closings at five in the morning.


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