The Snow Can Kiss My A**

I had to go in to work today even though it was snowing like crazy right around the time I had to go in. I made it there by four o’clock, after cleaning off my car in four inches of snow that I just ignored – there was no way I was going to shovel my porch and around my car before going in to work and getting all wet and cold. Fuck that. I hate the snow.

Work sucked. At first we were totally dead so the other girl who was working with me tonight went home and I was left alone to wait on whoever came in and do all the sidework before closing. It turned out to be moderately busy, I made okay money for the effort and time I put into it, and honestly, sometimes it’s much better to work alone and do more work than it is to work with someone you don’t particularly like.

Anyway, I’m glad that’s over.

Bad news is, someone told me tonight that we are supposed to get twelve or more inches of snow on Wednesday and then a Nor’easter over the weekend that could dump, like, feet of snow. Of course, both of those days I have to work, and of course, I damn sure will be expected in on time, regardless of the snow.

northandsouthsnowI wish this weren’t my life – this having to deal with snow on a regular basis.

If I didn’t have to share the Squido with her dad, I swear I would have been out of here years ago. Connecticut isn’t for me. It’s a terrible climate in my opinion, because I don’t care for all the seasons. I particularly hate winter, as you are probably starting to realize.

I think Southern California is where I want to settle when I’m older, if I can. When the Squido is all done with high school and hopefully goes to college, then I will feel free to roam.

Until then, I’ll keep you posted on whether I get buried alive in snow. Since FEET of it are coming. Dang it.


Oh, really? I thought you’d want your food cold.

I’m a waitress, and it is my profession of choice at the moment as I try to write books and publish them. I was unemployed for a while last year and applied only for waitressing jobs because I had done it before and liked the work. Sure, there are some big pitfalls to serving food, but to me the benefits outweigh them. The hours and money are decent, and it’s easy, mindless work. Basically I like having a job where I can just go in, get my work done, and go home. There’s no drama involved, and there’s no worry about what I have to have done for the next day or week or month like there was in my last job that stole my soul away for a while.

However, tonight I had a really bad customer that made me question why I do this.

From the moment this man sat down until the moment he left he wanted to complain about something to me, or had some snarky comment. I had to stand around and listen to his crap for what felt like forever and he was holding meĀ  up all night.

I went up to this man and asked him what he wanted to drink and said “Coffee – but only if it’s hot.”

Same with his food… “It better be hot,” he said.

And I’m like, “No shit. Do you think people come in here asking for tepid coffee and luke warm food?”

Sometimes people say the dumbest things, and I can’t fathom sometimes why miserable people who are so full of complaints even go out to eat in restaurants. Sometimes I think they come out to eat just so they can treat a waitress badly and get a rise out of my misery.

I prevailed in the end, because somehow in the midst of all our shortcomings at the restaurant, he found it within himself to tip me well. Or perhaps he knows that I charge a personal asshole fee to certain customers.

Who knows? I’m just glad this night is over and that Thanksgiving (and an extra day off) is tomorrow.